Collective education in the era of globalization


  • Uyen Hoang Minh Ly Thai Nguyen University



This article talks about issues related to education that are inherent to Marxism and analyzed by various Marxist scholars. Specifically, class consciousness and the formation of the collective that must be experienced by each individual in training with the group. In the context of globalization, what is class consciousness, what should education be like, and how to relate them? Rosa Luxemburg argues that workers matured through a series of oppressions that gave them individual consciousness, but through strikes they achieved their class consciousness. The previous generations have opened the revolution for the education of the younger generation in the future. This shows us that education is not only about the individual but also about the community, or the collective. Moreover, worker’s collectivities in the context of globalization will bring great significance in revolutionizing education, from individual to collective.